samuel kioko

When everyone was celebrating Mother’s day,John was sitted on a rock outside their home ,where they live with her single mum who does odd jobs like washing other people clothes,fetching water for people as a means of survival.John was wishing  he could help in any way to help her mum on that ‘mothers day’.

A pupils in one of the primary schools in Nairobi ,Kenya; goes to school with a torn uniform and he doesnt blame anyone because her mum cannot afford,but what breaks his heart is the mockery he gets from ‘other’ pupils and this has really brought his self esteem down and also affected his studies.He says during breaktime,when other pupils are playing in the field,he just stays in class re-reading a storybook he received  as a present for been the best pupil in English in the last prize giving day.

Thanks to Ficha uchi campaign,on saturday 6th June, John will be able to get a pair of new uniform and bring his ‘pride’ back.You can join FICHA UCHI on saturday as they go to Ofafa jericho primary school and Nairobi river primary school as they seek to restore dignity to John and hundreds of pupils like him.You can volunteer by donating a roll of fabric material,threads or for only KSH 100 ,you can donate via Mpesa paybill number 932235.


  1. Shiphira



    Awesome work your doing here. Unfortunately on 6th June am a bit engaged but would really like to be an active member; If there’s a way you can notify me in future activities, I would be glad to join in.

    Continue with the good job!

  2. Jacintah


    Well done folks for this brilliant idea. Your campaign caught my eye and a practitioner working with vulnerable children and young people in UK and a Kenyan , you have made me proud. Dressing these children will go a long well in promoting their confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Its simple with tattered school uniform they will not want to socialize and without confidence the impact on their academic achievement and social skills development will spiral downwards. This is great job you are doing and please count me as one of your fans. Your are the generation of tomorrow and remember whatever you do will impact on the future of the country. Best of luck with your campaign but please don’t forgot the young people in the country side either.

  3. Victor


    This is a crucial initiative to ensure our pupils dress decently in school uniforms. I would not feel good if they put on tattered shorts and shirts like during my time at Dirubi primary school. This is also a form of motivation to education.

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